Hi, my name is Bruna!

I'm a NYC-based UX/UI Designer.

I’m a Senior UX/UI Designer with a Masters Degree in Interactive Telecommunications and Experience Design from NYU. I breathe the latest technologies and I’m truly passionate about interactivity. I’ve 10+ years of experience collaborating with multi-disciplinary teams (advertising agencies, NYC startups, and Fortune 500 companies). Having worked with different cultures and languages enabled me to provide a flexible approach, applying agile methodologies to design the best and most innovative user-centered experiences across all platforms.

UX/UI Skills

Interaction Design

Define user journeys.
Organize information architecture.
Design user-centered wireframes.
Build prototypes.

User Research & Competitive Benchmark

Analyze customer insights using data and research.
Prioritize user and business needs.
Conduct user tests.
Discover trends and digital strategy

Visual Design

Create high fidelity designs according to branding style guide and web trends.
Assess in production and delivery optimization.

Project Management

Agile production through tasks and weekly sprints.
Manage visual designers, copyrighters, and engineers.
Communicate with stakeholders.
Track iterations and deploy.

Years of Experience
Projects Completed

"Geek and sweet. Bruna is that kind of person that everybody likes to work with, because she is very open minded and knows how to optimize people's ideas and thoughts. She has strong skills in research, creative content production and analytical view."

Marina WajnsztejnClick, Planning Director at DPZ&T

"We worked together in digital advertising projects and prospects for huge international companies. She, as a Digital Presence Manager at Bullet, was always fired up and full of enthusiasm, mixed with a contemporary thinking and creativity.
 I can affirm that she is a great team worker, always speaking ego freely in a very constructive way."

Edson Pavoni, Founder of D3, Bloom, The Love Project and Zag

"Bruna is one of the most creative people I've ever met. Combining intelligence and a lot of web knowledge, she's an ideas factory!"

Flavia Lacerda, Planning & Strategy at Grupo Vegas

"Bruna is very creative in a cool and fresh way. She can turn something boring into an amazing project just because of her passion about doing new stuff."

Gica Trierweiler Yabu, CEO & Founder at Gliteres

Get in touch

Email me at bruna at bruna dot cc   🙂